Android Prototype

The App

FITK9 is a smart dog collar app that allows dog owners to monitor their dog’s daily activity.


The Experience

Dog owner’s are in need of a way to monitor their dog’s daily activity beacuse they want to maintain their dog’s fitness. This app makes it convenient for dog owner’s to see collected data of their dog’s health through a dog collar that uses the latest smart technology.

Track dog activity

Control and maintain diet

Monitor sleep patterns

User Personas

FITK9 adds convenience for users who want the best for their dog, especially when it comes to their dog’s fitness. The app is simple to use and is very user friendly. This allows a wide age range of users to understand and use the app. The app is also customizable to accustom every dog’s needs.

Visual Design


Dog owner’s want to quickly see an overview of their dog’s daily activity so that they can monitor their dog’s fitness.

Dog owner’s want to set goals for their dog so that they can improve their dog’s health and fitness.

Dog owner’s want to challenge their friends and their dogs so that they can encourage each other to be healthy.

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